Medical tourism

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Medical Tourism

Smolensk Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital provides professional and high-tech medical care to the Smolensk child population.

The head of the medical facility: V. N. Makarova.

The medical facility consists of five inpatient departments (pediatric departments # 1, 2, 3, rehabilitation department, anesthesiology and intensive-care department), outpatient care department, mobile pediatric code team, and pediatric diagnostic modules to reach out to remotely set geographical areas.

The hospital bed capacity is 235 beds: 202 overnight beds and 33 day-only beds. The target patient flow capacity of the clinical outpatient department is 306 patients per day.

The total number of hospital employees: 264 employees.

The diagnostic resource of the hospital is represented by up-to-date equipment: hematological and biochemical analyzers, ELISA analyzers, gas analysis indicator, coagulation analyzer, digital X-ray equipment, CT scanner, MRI scanner.

The outpatient-policlinic facility provides treatment and diagnostic services in 16 specializations: pediatrics, neurology, child cardiology, rheumatology, ophthalmology, allergology-immunology, gastroenterology, child endocrinology, gynecology, child surgery, otorhinolaryngology, hematology, dermato-venerology, pulmonology.

The mobile pediatric diagnostic module visits regional medical facilities to provide primary health care to children while performing periodic screening of underage children, orphans, and children without parental support.

Based on the resources of the anesthesiology and intensive-care departments, a pediatric center for intensive care and consultation was established. Every year, its employees serve up to 500 children in regional in-patient facilities. Among all else, they assist patients in their transportation to federal medical facilities.

The hospital likewise offers telemedicine options on the basis of the All-Russia Center for Emergency Medicine “Zaschita.”

There is also a videoconference system available which provides for the interaction and communication between central and regional medical facilities.

The Regional State-Funded Healthcare Facility “Smolensk Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital” uses electronic health records for inpatients and outpatients as well as computerized drug inventory.

Electronic sick notes and electronic appointment cards for sociomedical assessment are likewise used in the hospital.

The hospital offers in-patient care in 13 specializations: pediatrics, pulmonology, anesthesiology and intensive care, gastroenterology, allergology and immunology, child endocrinology, hematology, nephrology, child cardiology, rheumatology, neurology, neonatology.

Patients with rheumatic disorders are treated with biological medicinal products. The treatment of patients with neurological disorders involves botulinotherapy, Kinesio Taping, and various physiotherapeutic methods. Stabilometry platform is also used in the treatment process. Patients with diabetes get insulin pumps. High-tech medical care is likewise provided to new-born children. The facility resources, among all else, involve palliative care beds, a palliative mobile team, and psychologist’s services.